Marine supply Dept.

We supply various marine equipments/stores/spare parts of machinery from about 250 makers to ship owners under TSURUMI SUNMARINE CO., LTD. and other major domestic operating company, and provide professional support for daily operation and docking service.

We are also focusing on development of explosion-proof flashlight, investigation of automatic operation system of vessel and sales of fuel efficient products(marine paint, marine fuel oil additives).

Please feel free to contact us if any inquiries and questions.


  • ・Supplying deck paints and bottom paints with around 150 vessels every year.
  • (Chugoku Marine Paint, Kansai Paint Marine, Nippon paint, Kanae Paint etc.)

Ship's Stores

  • ・Cargo hoses (Tohoku Rubber, Sumitomo Riko etc.)
  • ・Mooring Ropes. (Tesac, Naroc Rope, Ishida Rope, Takagi Kogyo, Obamaseikou etc.)
  • ・Fuel Additive . (Lubricon, Oiltac, Nippon Yuka Kogyo etc.)
  • ・Antistatic Uniforme, Helmet.

Ship's Equipments ・Spares

  • BNWAS (Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System), MGPS(Marine Growth Preventive System),
  • Fuel Consumption Measurement Device, Explosion Proof type LED Lighting Equipment,
  • Gas Detector, Scale Pulse Care (Sea Pipe Scale Removal)

Spare Parts

  • ・Spare of Main Engine and Auxiliary equipment.
  • (Hanshin Diesel Works, Akasaka Diesels, Daihatsu Diesel, Yanmar Engineering, IHI Motor etc.)
  • ・Ship`s Equipment`s spare
  • (Alfa Laval, Taiko Kikai Industries, Miura, Musasino, Nakashima Propeller,
  • Kamome Propeller, Furuno Electoronic, Tokyo Keiki, Nakakita Seisakusho etc.)