Company philosophy

We are an affiliate of the Tsurumi Sunmarine group, a centerpiece of the domestic marine transport industry, contributing to society as a highly professional nautical company.

  1. We will provide high-quality services and product responding flexibly to the needs of our clients.
  2. Our employees will maintain a broad perspective and exercise their creativity putting efforts in the business that contributes to society.
  3. We will strive to protect the environment and ensure safety, and exert efforts to propose product that contribute to both.
  4. We will comply with all rules and fulfill our social responsibility, always with an aspiring spirit.

An explanation of our Logo

We came up with the company logo from a sailboat sailing fast on the sea because it is fitting image of our company that is endeavoring to make rapid progress globally with future in mind. The entire staff contributed to the creation of concept and design and we registered the logo as trademark.