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AStep-1LT Ship's Speed & Performance Measuring System

General information 1

For Official Sea Trial, NOW, we have improved position accuracy cost reduction in manpower requirements no restrictions on test area reduction in time to complete Sea Trial convenient data-management.

General information 2

  • Using the high precision measurement ability of Differential GPS,We can measure speed and ship's performance.
  • Record measuring data of Gyro, Wind Direction,Wind Speed (by NMEA),Etc., at the same time with measuring of ship's speed and wake.
  • The aforementioned measurement data is available in real-time via a screen display or print-out.

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Gas measurement / Alarm equipments

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Toka Seiki alive to contribute for advance and growth of society. We are proud of working utilize safety of human life.
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Toka Seiki demand Best instead of Maximum. We do high quality working which doesnft depend on only experience and sense.
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Toka Seiki hold dream and life worth living in common, working are vivid And pleasantly and bright.

The Nippon Corrosion Engineering co.,ltd.


Marine Growth Preventing System gMGPSh ,in more than a decade since its initial exploitation in japan, has been adopted for more than 2000 ships throughout the word. Based on these splendid records of actual adoption for the ships worldwide and on richly-accumulated experiences in technology for the System, MGPS-ST type has newly been exploited been placed on the market.


  1. Space required can be reduced by reducing the power supply unit in size so as be hung on the wall
  2. The electrode unit can be installed at any suitable place, separately from the power supply unit !
  3. Piping work is simplified !


Removal and prevention system against red rust and scale by electromagnetic water treatment.

Red rust and calcium carbonate or silicate etc. which are called as scale precipitate in cooling water pipes and heat exchanger installed in ships or industrial facilities after many years of use, that cause corrosion or blockage of pipes and deterioration of heat exchange function. This product can effectively remove red rust and scale, furthermore prevent the same.
This eco-friendly product works for long term, maintains cooling water pipes and heat exchanger in good condition, thus can reduce costs for repair or replacement drastically.

[ Product principle ]
This product generates magnetic and electric field by applying constant current to wire coil according to Faraday's Law.
By applying 1,000 - 200,000 Hz pulsating current to wire coil around cooling water pipes, electromagnetic wave having resonance effect with water is generated. That changes polarity of water molecules and calcium carbonate ions that cause scale, then are discharged together with cooling water. Thus, red rust and scale can be prevented.
Water molecules with changed polarity penetrate and soften red rust and scale in cooling water pipes, discharge them together with cooling water.